Spiritual Weddings

World Wide Wedding Ceremonies

The same individual creative attention is given to write a unique personalized spiritual nondenominational wedding ceremony for couples that choose not to be married in Santa Fe. Using the phone, email and fax together we collaborate to create a beautiful wedding ceremony that truly reflects your special relationship. At the extraordinary location of your choice whether that be an isolated sandy island, a european city, a large ballroom or just the two of you at a revered place in your hometown, each ceremony is specifically written just for you and the special wedding event. Whether it be officiated by a Justice of the Peace or whomever you choose to represent your beliefs, this incredible ceremony will be etched in your minds forever.

This ceremony is about your spiritual essence and that is captured in the interviews and brought to your wedding location with the written word.

Arrangements can also be made to only write your wedding vows as well as to personally officiate at your wedding, if desired. Please inquire.

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