Spiritual Weddings


"My husband is a Cherokee Indian. I was raised Roman-Catholic. We have an undying and unconditional love for one another and for the Land of Enchantment, Santa Fe, New Mexico.
It was 1998 so of course we used the Internet as a tool to do my research for our wedding plans. Hence, we found an angel!
PhotoReverend Arlena Markinson not only offered an unique, non-denominational service, but she customized the ceremony, the vows, and our complete wedding environment to our wishes while adding value and ideas that matched our souls, morality, our persons.

Reverend Arlena Markinson offers her own blessed soul to the meaningful ceremonies she conducts. She truly made our wedding spiritually meaningful vs. staged and predictable. In the end, Arlena has now become our special friend and will remain in our lives as a spiritual guide until do us part!

Julie and John Carman"

"Dear Arlena,

John and I would to thank you once again for your sincere efforts and absolute spiritual guidance making our wedding and our journey so special and truly meaningful.

Sincerely, Deborah"

"Dear Arlena,

Kristi and I would like you to know that the magical service you prepared and performed for us has continued to grow in meaning and spirit. Tsankawi was an incredible suggestion for a service. The feeling that it gave us will last through our entire lives. We will never forget this wonderful experience that joined our souls forever."

Kristi and Frank


"Dear Reverend Arlena,

We were truly blessed to have found you. The ceremony was beautiful and there wasn't a dry eye in the house. With your understanding and support we were able to create a ceremony that will reverberate in our hearts for a lifetime. Please stay in touch with us--maybe we can do it again in 50 years.

All our love, Linda and Ron"

Photo "Dear Arlena,

It is one week today since our marriage ceremony and we are still glowing with the love and joy of that special Valentine's Day event. Thank you for your blessing and for joining us in a beautiful and personalized service that enabled Bernie and I to access our deepest feelings for each other, create vows that strengthened our resolve to be ever present and commited to each other, and to envision our goals and future life together. In our 15 years of friendship and love, we have never felt so close and so clear about the sacredness of our union.

Love and respect, Julie and John"

"Dear Arlena,

I wanted to write to thank you again for a beautiful wedding ceremony. I watched the video again and was moved by the words you chose and the incredible setting. We won't forget the experience ever. You understood what we wanted and it all came together to make a remarkable memory.

Again thank you, Debbie and Michael"

"Dear Arlena,

Steve and I think of you often and we just wanted to let you know how grateful we are to have met you and we are especially grateful for the blessing you gave to our life together. We feel very honored that you were a part of our ceremony. We hope that the peace, beauty and love which you shared with us will be returned to you many times over.

With love, Steve and Barbara"

"Dearest Arlena.

How can we begin to say thank you and to express how you have touched Tom and I. We feel honored and blessed to know you and to have you in our lives. You are truly an exceptional woman. We thank you for a ceremony that no one will ever forget. We thank you for having the insight, the heart and truly the higher power to of been able to see who Tom and I are, and to see and feel the love we have for one another.

Sincerely, Tom and Traci"

"Dear Reverend Markinson,

Steve and I still have not come back down to earth since we left Santa Fe. We can never thank you enough. The ceremony was as beautiful as the surroundings. Everything you said was so powerful and had special meaning to us. The whole thing was more than we ever imagined. We realize there was a Divine guidance to you and our wedding. We will always remember it and know how sacred our vows are. We shared our experience with everyone that would listen and they all have the same chill bumps and awe that we felt. You will always be a part of us.

Warmest regards, Steve and Barb"


"Dear Arlena,

Your warm presence, powerful and thoughtful speaking and connection helped us create an intimate, comfortable experience. We have ridden the magic of that moment since! Thank you for being a part of our wedding.

Our love, Nicole and David"

"Hi Arlena,

Just a little note to tell you how delighted and impressed we were about finding the 'perfect' Reverend for our wedding day. You made it extra special because you seemed to touch upon our feelings toward each other and our own individuality.

Love, Mike and Megan"


"Dear Arlena,

Travis and I thought it was the most beautiful thing we had heard. He said it was very moving for him and that everyone should experience that type of ceremony as it was so spiritual and meaningful. That it was what marriage is all about.

Regards, Marcy and Travis"

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