Spiritual Weddings

Personalized Weddings

Photo Guidelines are designed in keeping with the ancient power of the wedding ceremony from time-honored cultures and other spiritual traditions. A couple is encircled with rose petals symbolizing eternal love where there is no beginning and no end. Ringing of Tibetan chimes which attracts the power of the Universal Force. Imbibing in the elixir of poetry from ancient prophets that express the deepest impulses of man's heart and mind.Personalized vows and other traditions of celebration flow beautifully into an exquisite ceremony that will be remembered for the rest of your lives.

Each ceremony is handwritten and no two services are alike as every couple expresses their promise of eternal love and happiness in a way unique to their relationship. In an interview that is held a day or so prior to the ceremony, time is spent in a caring and concerned way to understand the couple's past, their relationship and plans for the future.

This personalized approach makes the ceremony magical in a location of your choice in an enchanted land. Whether the wedding is for the bride and groom only or more formal with 200 guests it is a ceremony of great inspiration for all present.

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