Spiritual Weddings

Ideas for Locations

This is a sample of some ideas for locations of ceremonies in and around Santa Fe. Depending upon your personal preferences and comfort of guests, Santa Fe offers an enormous range of outstanding locations, indoors or outdoors.

  • Historic Loretto Chapel
    with the "Miraculous Staircase"

    Photo It is a private museum and said to be modeled after Sainte Chapelle, the Gothic masterpeice in Paris. The chapel is best known for its "miraculous" choir-loft staircase. It is a Santa Fe landmark for over 100 years.

  • Archbishop Lamy's Private Chapel
    at Bishops Lodge

    Photo Nestled in the beautiful retreat setting of Bishops Lodge a few miles from the center of town, this chapel was built by Archbishop Lamy in the 1870's for his private use and is preserved in its original state with authentic old Santos, Altar and hand painted windows.

  • Shidoni Sculpture Gardens
    Photo In tree lined Tesuque only 5 miles north of the Plaza is the Shidoni gallery and foundry where many well known artists have bronze pours for their sculptures. The garden is filled with eclectic works and there is a quiet secluded section by a creek for a small wedding.

  • Rancho de San Juan
    Sandstone Shrine

    Overlooking Rancho de San Juan near Ojo Caliente in 1994, an unknown artist Ra Paulette began to carve out of solid sandstone that was once on an ancient seabed a shrine with fanastic views.Sometimes aglow in candlelight there are incredible curves, angles and finely crafted windows. There is a 10 minute walk on a dirt path to the Shrine.

  • Ancient Ruins
    at Pecos National Monument

    Photo East from Santa Fe on Interstate 25 is the Pecos National Monument. Ruins of the long abandoned Pecos Pueblo and the mission church which was burned in 1680 is where wedding ceremonies are held. It has a very special feeling and is nestled in the Pecos mountains.

  • Ancient Ruins
    at Bandelier National Monument

    This outdoor museum is a branch of Bandelier called Tsankawi. The Rio Grande Anasazi settled this mesa and canyon country during the late 1100's. This early settlement consisted of many small pueblos and cliff dwellings. There is a 15 minute walk in the worn away footpaths of the ancient ones, past petroglyphs to the top of the mesa with outstanding vistas.

  • Randall Davey Aububon Center
    At the end of Upper Canyon Road is the Center with easy nature walks. They rent out the grounds for large wedding parties.

  • Rent an art gallery
    There are many art galleries that rent out their space during the evenings for wedding receptions. Special arrangements are made with caterers.

  • Rent an estate
    Many estates rent their grounds for weddings as well as bed and breakfasts with wonderful gardens and patios for small weddings.

Please contact me for more information on other locations.

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