Spiritual Weddings

Adventure Weddings

There is no limit to the imagination of location within a 50 mile radius of Santa Fe to fulfill your dream wish of an adventure wedding. Hiking into the beautiful mountains or desert for a sunrise or sunset ceremony atop a mesa. Hiking to sandstone rock formations and being married inside the Sandstone Shrine Caves aglow in candlelight. Hiking where the ancient Anasazi lived for hundreds of years in their imbedded footprints and being married atop on the plateau where the vista is forever.

Going to old western town and designing your wedding of today. Getting married on horseback, in a hot air balloon, on the river, secluded picnic, biking, hot springs, on skiis, at a golf course or in a hot tub. All seasons, the great outdoors offer many choices and your preferences of a sport.

Depending on the couple, we create the ceremony together that expresses your intimate relationship and to include your guests if desired.

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